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Our Wedding Photography Services

Providing the best wedding photography services in Vancouver, we strive for nothing short of breathtaking when it comes to your wedding photos. With on-site shoots, engagement photography, and professional digital editing, our services reflect our dedication to leaving you 100% satisfied with the results. Hiring a wedding photographer is about more than just photos. It’s about capturing those perfect moments that you can share and relive for the rest of your life.

Wedding Videography

Special Location Photoshooting

High Quality Photo Album


On-Site Shoots

Unlike some photography companies, we don’t tie ourselves to specific locations. Whatever your needs, we are here to accommodate them. We are a full service photography company willing to work around you to get you the photos you want from your special day. We work in all venue types and styles, including indoor, outdoor, public, private, commercial or residential. We believe that your wedding day should be all about you. That’s why we’re happy to cater around your needs to make sure the memories we capture are the memories that you built. Our photographers will make sure that your photos reflect every beautiful aspect of the location you chose for your wedding day.

On Shoot Wedding Photography Service
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Engagement Photography

At Clever Photography, we offer more than just wedding photos. We also cater to engagement photo shoots, and are happy to accommodate various locations for these shoots as well. Your engagement is a beautiful part of your story, and capturing those moments can leave you timeless photos you can reflect on for the rest of your life. By using Clever Photography for both engagement and wedding photos, you also give our photographers invaluable time and insight that they can use to make your wedding photographs even more personalized and memorable. It also gives you a chance to become more comfortable with the photographer and the photoshoot process, which can be especially valuable if you are someone who isn’t normally comfortable in front of the camera. Engagement photography can be some of the most fun, creative, and playful photos. Our photographers are professionals at making you feel comfortable and at ease. You’ll be surprised how fun a photoshoot can be!

Vancouver Wedding Videography

A Good Story can be Powerful
We'll Help You Tell Yours

As a filmmaker, we’re always looking for ways to portray beauty, emotion, and meaning. And if there is ever an event where you can find all three, it’s a wedding. Weddings are full of precious moments that can often be fleeting, and we can make these moments last a lifetime.

When you hire a Videographer, you’re given the opportunity to star in your own love story. Whether you want a full production or just a simple highlight reel, we’ll enable you to relive these moments whenever you like.

You can live in the moment – we’ll make it last.

Tell Your Story With Our Wedding Videography Service
Wedding Videography Service in Vancouver


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High Quality Album With Photo Editing

As a full service digital photography company, all our packages include digital editing. Editing is one of the most important parts of photography, and allows us to enhance your photos in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

Our albums are made from high quality Italian leather

Our editing process gives us the opportunity to get your photos looking the best they can, and gives us allows us to combat uncontrolled circumstances like poor weather or venue lighting. We believe in quality over quantity, especially when it comes to timeless memories. Yes, photo editing takes time. Our photographers aren’t satisfied with anything less than the best, which means they take their time on each and every photo. The process can be as long as 4-6 weeks, but we guarantee you’ll be stunned with the results. 

When you receive your engagement or wedding photos, we want you to be over the moon. That’s why we take great care in every aspect of our photoshoots, including the editing process. 

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