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Our Service Area

Our team at Clever Wedding Photography is dedicated to making your special day all about you. We service areas all over Greater Vancouver to make sure you get the photos you need in the location you need them. We are happy to accommodate venues of all kinds throughout Greater Vancouver, including:

West End

With access to downtown, harbours, and the beautiful Stanley Park, the West End is one of our busiest destinations for wedding and engagement photography. The area is not only wonderful for offering a variety of amenities and sights, but it is also one of the most scenic and iconic areas of Vancouver. Oceanside views, charming city bustle, and the sweeping landscape of Stanley Park makes for some of the most gorgeous photographs in our portfolio.

West End Vancouver View
Kits Point Vancouver View

Kits Point

With its many oceanfront properties and beachside access, Kits Point is a stunning area for our photographers to take advantage of. If you want something a little different than the iconic West End, Kits Point offers many similar visions of ocean and city without so much hustle and bustle.

West Point Grey

With the University and a handful of beach parks along the ocean, West Point Grey makes for a stunning location for any wedding or engagement photography session. Boasting such breathtaking areas as the Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach Park, this location makes our job easy.

West Point Grey Vancouver View
Oakridge Vancouver View


Oakridge has a variety of venues such as theaters, churches and event halls that are popular for weddings and related events. There are also parks and botanical gardens nearby, which make Oakridge a great spot for a little bit of everything.

South Vancouver

South Vancouver is host to a multitude of popular wedding and engagement party venues, such as Casinos and cultural centers. There are also catering services and the scenic Fraser River nearby, making it a great spot for all kinds of photo shoots.

South Vancouver View
Mount Pleasant Vancouver View

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant has studios, venue halls and festival grounds in the area, making it a popular location for weddings and engagement parties. It’s also near False Creek and the Fairview area, where there are beachside parks and catering services. It’s a beautiful area tucked away from downtown.

Popular Wedding Locations

Stanley Park Pavilion

With its opulent ballroom, historic charm and flourishing gardens, the Stanley Park Pavilion has long been a popular favourite for weddings and other important events. It doesn’t take much to see why this venue makes the perfect backdrop to your special day.

UBC Farm

This rustic farm is a fantastic venue for photographs that reflect the heartwarming authenticity of the countryside. With their sustainable farming practices, sprawling meadows, and enchanting garden and forest views, UBC farm makes for a wonderfully British Colombian photography spot.

Brock House Restaurant

The Brock House Restaurant is popular for its perfectly balanced opulence and charm. Between the welcoming warmth of the house, the lush greenery of the grounds and the open ocean view, Brock House is an easy place to capture a stunning collection of photographs.

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