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Clever Photography is a professional wedding photography company made of a group of experienced, dedicated photographers serving the great Vancouver region.


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We've been photographing weddings for over 20 years!

Many of us started as amateur photographers looking to get more experience and photography opportunities any way we could. The Clever Photographers all found a passion in wedding and engagement photography. There are so many things to love about photographing these events – the beautiful and varied venues, the spirited environment, the countless photo opportunities, etc. But universally, one of the greatest things about photographing weddings is how rewarding it is to see customers react to the photographs. It is truly special to have the opportunity to share photographs that people react so passionately to. For those of us at Clever Photography, it’s about more than the art of the photograph. It’s about preserving timeless memories and capturing these spectacular moments that we don’t expect, but then fall in love with.

Along with a passion for photographing weddings and engagements, we also discovered how valuable teamwork and collaboration could be for these types of events. We found that associating with photographers of different backgrounds and styles made a huge difference not only in the quality of our work, but in the satisfaction of the customers being photographed. In the wedding and engagement business, customer satisfaction is of intangible importance. Not only does it reflect better on our expertise, but it gives each customer a chance to experience how powerful photography can be. And what better way to have that experience than on one of the most important days of your life? At Clever Photography, it is our broad team of photographers that really make the difference. It gives you more choice and our photographers more creative freedom. These two aspects positively propell each other and help make us the best wedding photographers in Vancouver. 

Now a full service team of professional photographers, what sets us apart from other wedding photography companies is our dedication to making sure your wedding photos are tailored to your own personal style and expectations. Our team includes a wide variety of photographers, each with their own strengths and styles that can be used to reflect your own tastes. Whether you like playful poses, timeless scenescapes, or unmistakably candid moments, we’ll provide a photographer who knows how to capture the moments you cherish most. Don’t just take our word for it. Contact Clever Photographers today and discover how we can tell your timeless story with stunning digital photography.


What can you expect if you choose our team for your wedding

Professional Photographers

We know we can deliver 100% satisfaction because we work with a team of experienced, professional photographers who know the ins and outs of photographing a wedding. We take the time to make you feel at ease, have fun, and most of all to enjoy the stunning results.

High Quality Photographies

When you hire a professional photographer, you should expect nothing but the best. Between our top of the line equipment and experienced photographers who know how to make the most of it, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the stunning results.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

At Clever Photography, we’re not satisfied if you’re not satisfied. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best photography service in Vancouver and delivering nothing short of breathtaking results.


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